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480 Clinton Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11238
United States

Brooklyn Sesame is committed to producing high-quality, artisanal products using only the finest ingredients. We believe in indulging while maximizing nutrition with the finest quality of ingredients and our healthy and nutritious halva spreads are the proof… We use no preservatives, no coloring and no artificial flavors – just lots of love!


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Starting with tahini, honey and sesame seeds, ‘Brooklyn Sesame’ has concocted competition for peanut butter and Nutella, and added flavors like black caraway, roasted pistachio and cocoa with sea salt.
— Florence Fabricant | June 10, 2014
F&W Editor's Top Ten
Shamir suggests eating the spreads straight up with a spoon, but adventurous types might pair them with cheese, use them to top ice cream, or slather them on toast.
Trust us: You halva try it.
— Meghan Rooney | January 10, 2014
Shamir’s softer take on the confection combines fresh tahini with honey and a variety of mix-ins… He also makes a cocoa sea-salt version, which has a Nutella vibe without the extra fat or additives.
— Leah Koenig | December 30, 2013
Luckily, Brooklyn Sesame has taken up the “New Jew” mantle, making us rethink our distaste for halvah (a dense, sticky-sweet nut and seed-based candy), by marketing it as a deconstructed spread.
— Sarah Zorn | November 12, 2013
Israeli native Shahar Shamir’s soft, spreadable take on the traditional Middle Eastern confection combines creamy tahini and sweet honey, then folds in roasted sesame seeds or pistachios, raw almonds, or toasted coconut
— Leah Koenig | August 29, 2013
The Halva Spread with Cocoa and Sea Salt offers the perfect balance of nuttiness and sweetness. It’s a truly unique mouth experience and one I highly recommend to indulge in, over and over.
— Jill Homiak | June, 18 2014
10 NYC Food Artisans You Need to Know: Shahar Shamir might have inadvertently created an awesome alternative to Nutella.
— Kristin Donnelly | April 8, 2014
A thick slice of whole-wheat toast slathered with the roasted pistachio halva makes a fine start to any morning.
— Andrea Strong | July 9, 2014
The spread is a knockout with cheeses, as a cookie filling or lacquered onto toast, but Shamir speaks the truth—it’s damn fine by the spoonful, too.
— Tressa Eaton | September 4, 2013
Longing for a taste of home, Shahar Shamir, who lives in Brooklyn, has reimagined the snack as a line of spreads called Brooklyn Sesame. His nutty tahini pastes are sweetened with honey and blended with a choice of roasted pistachios, sesame seeds...
— Devra Ferst | November 22, 2013
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— Kate Heddings | February 2014
8 unique Passover treats and hostess gifts for the holiday.
— Heath Goldman | April 2014
Taking Brooklyn by storm is newcomer ‘Brooklyn Sesame’, whose debut product breaks down dense, crumbly blocks of sweet halva into a delicious spread for more versatile munching
— Nara Shin | December 17, 2013
This new producer takes the classic Middle Eastern dessert and deconstructs it into something more akin to a nubby tahini, honey-sweet and studded with everything from raw almonds to toasted coconut...
— Deena Prichep | November 20, 2013
Appetizing legend Russ & Daughters also recently started selling Brooklyn Sesame’s halvah spread, which, for a food purveyor, is equivalent to being knighted by the queen.
— Leah Koenig | August 7, 2013